The Trace

It started out harmless, just a passing fad. A silly little book that called what we did horrible and tried to convince everyone to turn against us. But we knew it wouldn’t work. We controlled the hordes. They thought as we wanted them to think, bought what we influenced them to buy. We wouldn’t have even bothered in fighting it, except for what the data told us. Those who read the book stopped using our platforms. [Read More]

Let It Sleep

We knew we only had a short time to slay it once we had entered its lair. It would sense us there, start to wake itself up from its slumber to deal with us. The waking up was slow, but we had to get there before it finished, oh god we had to. Benjamin was the first to go. He led us forward, faster and faster until his life was cut short by a spear from the ceiling. [Read More]


I pull my rental car into the space. I don’t even notice the smell of cigarettes the car is caked in anymore. Wearily, I get out and walk towards the shopping complex. Somewhere in there is a burger joint, and all I want right now is a burger. And some friends to have dinner with. No, I push that thought out of my mind. I’m an adult. I should be able to handle a meal on my own. [Read More]

The Manuscript

“And so, no one has any idea what it is about?” “How could we? All of our attempts to study Dr. Barom’s final work have been unsuccessful so far.” The two men sat across from each other in Dr. Walters’s study, the great oak desk between them. “To call our attempts catastrophic would be an understatement,” Dr. Walters continued, “Two senior members of faculty and six grad students, soon to be seven, dead by their own hands. [Read More]


Veni, vidi, vici, he said when he conquered the world. I came, I saw, I conquered. But what did They say? Ubique sumus, videmus omnia, omnes nos habent? We are everywhere, we see all, we own all? They’ve trained us not to see them, but They’re there. Whispering in the background, telling people what to do. They’ve got us all wrapped around Their fingers. Their long, creepy fingers. I’ve only seen Their fingers once. [Read More]