Let It Sleep

We knew we only had a short time to slay it once we had entered its lair. It would sense us there, start to wake itself up from its slumber to deal with us. The waking up was slow, but we had to get there before it finished, oh god we had to.

Benjamin was the first to go. He led us forward, faster and faster until his life was cut short by a spear from the ceiling. The rest of us jumped over the pressure plate and continued. Another one fell to some minions, ambushing us to protect their master.

Finally we reached where it slept. Its hideous form sprawled across a great stone throne on the far side of the chamber. Its eyes were just starting to slide open. I could almost imagine a creaking as they slowly lifted. We had to kill it while it still slept! It musn’t be allowed to play with our minds anymore! Quietly pushing and prodding leading to organizations and thoughts that pleased it. Creating rivalries, breaking marriages, turning friend against friend. It all had to be stopped!

It awoke silently. Nothing about its outward form had changed, but we all felt it. We all knew. We had only been looking at it, but now it was here. Peter was almost to its throne. It slid its oily eyes to gaze upon him. I don’t know what it showed him, but he stumbled and fell, gripping his hands to his head as he started to scream.

Then its gaze stole upon Isaac and his brother. They had always been best friends, but now they snarled and lunged at each other, tearing at each other’s throats.

Then it was my turn. It showed me horrible things, the worst things I had ever seen. I saw how it viewed me, an insignificant speck that was as meaningless as a single blade of grass had been to me. We might pause to study the grass, or idly tie a knot in it. But do we really care? And how many do we crush underfoot, barely noticing them as we walk towards our real goals?

It showed me this, it made me feel the dread of unimportance, and it showed me the way. I could do what it wanted, give myself a shred of meaning. It wanted me to write. And after I finish this, I will stab this pen into my eyes. Because it wants me to. And I want me to. But first I have to finish my message - just let it sleep. It can do what it wants to us, it doesn’t even matter. That’s better than it being awake. Just let it sleep. Oh god just let it sleep…