OCaml Effects

I’ve been interested in algebraic effects in programming languages for a while, but they’ve been theoretical-only for a while. That’s soon to change though! OCaml early on adopted algebraic effects and handlers as a way to implement concurrency, something that had been lacking in the language until now. But changing the langugage’s memory model, runtime, garbage collector, etc. proved to be a long task. OCaml 5.0 is on the horizon at last and includes an implementation of algebraic effects. [Read More]

S3 on Flashblade

I currently work for a company called Pure Storage. One of their products is called Flashblade. I couldn’t find any examples on how to use Flashblade’s S3 capabilities programmatically anywhere online, so I’m putting this out to hopefully help people realize they can move their object store into their data center with very little changes to their code. Code Snippets Most of the work with the libraries I’ve used involves figuring out how to get the client configured properly. [Read More]